About N.Y.A.G.

Not Your Average Girl has always been an idea, thought, even dream of mine. I always said to myself that I would start a blog that reflected me. A blog to help me process through situations, and help others going through similar types of situations. A place where I can vent, and others can too. A place where I can give advice on what I have learned, and where others can provide their advice as well. A place where I post things that I like, and others would appreciate it. Not Your Average Girl is a blog for plus-sized girls, and women, but is not limited to that. Anyone and anything can be “Not Average”, I want all types of “Not Average” people to feel welcomed here. This blog has no boundaries and I accept all.

The push to finally create this blog came in the form of a class, my Visual Communication class. This blog is the beginning of an idea that has always been in my head, but is also my final project for my Visual Communication class. In this class I had to come up with a Media Company idea and build on that idea. I had to think about it and come up with a premise for a Media Company that I would like to start. Focusing on the concept, creating a logo, an infographic, learning how to take professional looking pictures, and filming professional looking videos were all stepping stones to creating a decent Media Company project.

This blog is definitely an extension of myself, something like…I guess a lifestyle blog. But it will not simply be a lifestyle blog, it is going to branch out into different categories to include more than just myself. I plan to continue to build on this blog as I continue to grow. I hope you all stick around and continue to grow with me.

-NotYourAverageGirl (Rhodesia)

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  1. Well you are not an average girl. Not all can do what you do. Not all have the courage to say and do what you do. Even I don’t have the courage to do a video on You tube !!!
    What I see is, “You are Above an average girl” It takes all types to make the world. No two people are alike. How boring it would be if we are all the same colour, same hair, looking, saying and doing the same things. Like a black and white world don’t you think so ? What you have done is to, “underestimate yourself” ❤
    Take a U turn and turn around. Know that you are special. Very special. I know a lady, a coach who always encourages me saying, "You are Enough" I am a motivator as well. And I am telling you that, "You are one of a kind" Be brave and take Strength. And Move Forward with Faith and Hope. God Bless 🙂 ❤

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