Golden Birthday: A Day I Won’t Forget

Last Sunday, Father’s Day, was my Golden Birthday. I turned nineteen on the nineteenth. All I wanted was to have a day I would not forget. Whenever someone would ask me what I wanted to do…I didn’t have an answer. So I wanted to do something great, with no idea of what to do. Obviously I did something since I am writing this post.

The reason my Golden Birthday was GOLDEN is all thanks to my boyfriend. He took over and planned the whole day. He wouldn’t tell me what we were doing. I figured we would go to Which Wich to eat, because he loves it and I had never been there. But that’s the only thing that I thought we might do, that we did.

He drove Uptown (New Orleans), parked then said we were getting on a streetcar. We rode the streetcar to Canal Street, then got off. We walked down Canal Street to waste time until it was time for the “appointment”, he kept saying was for 4:30. About ten minutes before 4:30, he started leading me down some streets until we arrived at a place called, Clue Carre. It was an escape game room place. It was really fun and something I had never done before.

My boyfriend’s goal was to much sure I had a day I would remember. Since I have been continuously running scenes from that day in my head, I would say he accomplished his goal.



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