Fell Off

Sometimes when you fall off, you fall off hard. That’s what happened to me. I haven’t posted anything on here for a whileeeeeeee. I also hadn’t uploaded anything on my Youtube channel for about a month as well.

I got into a slump of feeling like no one was looking at my post or videos, and normally I would keep uploading things. But I just stopped. I shouldn’t have and I will try not to….at least not for as long again. I have a lot of photos that I need to edit and post on here. Also there are a few drafts that I need to finish and publish too.

I started looking into online colleges and I did some research. Strongly thinking about enrolling into one… but not anytime this year. I went to an interview this Monday, it was kind of like a pre-interview before the real one. I went to the real interview today, it seems like it went well….I should have asked. I will get a call on Monday telling me if I got the position or not. Pray for me and send me positive energy.




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  1. Don’t get discouraged when no one looks at your posts or videos. Writing is therapeutic. “Writing is the only thing that helps to let go of things as well as organize things in your mind” Do for yourself and slowly those who want what you write or do will be drawn to you. Do your own thing. This is what I also do. I started to write on the Face Book and then made a page that slowly picked up. Then I decided to do a blog as there were so many without Face Book accounts. My doctor told me if I help at least one person in my life its enough, and these are the words that are ringing in my ears and pushing me forward. Also some don’t like for others to know or to be seen reading. So with that strength I go on. Do the way that you like and for your Happiness. First we need to live for ourselves and make our life happy. Then only we can spread that Joy and Happiness to others. There is an article on writing in my blog that might help you. Be Brave. Have Strength. Many Blessings of Love, Light and healing Energies to you 🙂 ❤

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