Sometimes when you fall off, you fall off hard. That’s what happened to me. I haven’t posted anything on here for a whileeeeeeee. I also hadn’t uploaded anything on my Youtube channel for about a month as well.

I got into a slump of feeling like no one was looking at my post or videos, and normally I would keep uploading things. But I just stopped. I shouldn’t have and I will try not to….at least not for as long again. I have a lot of photos that I need to edit and post on here. Also there are a few drafts that I need to finish and publish too.

I started looking into online colleges and I did some research. Strongly thinking about enrolling into one… but not anytime this year. I went to an interview this Monday, it was kind of like a pre-interview before the real one. I went to the real interview today, it seems like it went well….I should have asked. I will get a call on Monday telling me if I got the position or not. Pray for me and send me positive energy.