For some reason the smell of grass is calming to me.

The color of grass brings peace to my mind.

Walking on grass barefoot is soothing to my tired and swollen feet.

Can I possibly live in a place where grass is hard to find?

In the Summer time when grass sprouts up like weeds,

Needing to get cut every two weeks.

Oh, those cutting sessions that bring noise to displease.

But the aftermath that sends my nose into overdrive,

Now I am pleased.

Yes, my soul weeps in the Fall,

When all the green is going dull.

How my soul withers.

When the dull green grows brown in the Winter.

Underneath the green is waiting to appear,

The grass is eager to sprout here.

Around the corner are those cutting sessions,

that displeased and pleased my darling senses.

My soul fills with joy so pure,

Because Spring is coming,

And the showers are near.