This is the first year in a long while, that I am not being stressed by the beginning of school. Liberation. Liberation. LIBERATION. I feel liberated and confident. It has taken months, but I’m glad I’ve made it here…mentally.

Deciding to not go back to school this semester *deep breath* was by far one of the biggest decisions I had ever made in my life. ‘Twas the biggest decision… because it was the ONLY major decision I’d ever made for myself. This entire summer consisted of me stressing over it. But I am finally starting to become completely comfortable with my choice.

Scared and confused. These were the two most overwhelming feelings throughout my whole summer of mental procession. I cried, felt like I was disappointing my mom, and fought thoughts with thoughts. The thing that forced me to get over that was the simple fact of me being unhappy. If I would have went back to school this semester I would have been disappointing myself. Unhappy. Crying. Thinking I’m fine. But not fine.

I am finally starting to learn and do things my own way.

I guess I am just proud of myself for doing what I want, and not doing what I have been told is right to do. Simply proud of doing what is right for myself.

If you have read this to the end….thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to read my thoughts. Also, I hope you are doing what is right for yourself as well.