via Daily Prompt: Irksome



Irritating; annoying.

A few years ago, “irk” was a pretty popular word to use. For example, “That irked my nerves.” Pretty, pretty popular… I even said it a lot.

But “Irksome”, a word that is kind of fun to say, I think, wasn’t used. Even though it is the same word, just slightly longer.

In life, in general… something, someone, everything can be “Irksome”. Nowadays it seems people are so easily irked by something, someone, everything… in life, in general. I am sitting here wondering, “Why do people, (including myself) let people, places, things become irksome?” For something, someone, everything to become “Irksome”, one would have to care. Is it human nature for us to care that much? Yes, we should care about certain things when it pertains to oneself, but when it won’t affect oneself….why care? Ones nerves should not get irked by something, someone, everything that is simple in life, in general. When something, someone, everything… in life, in general becomes “Irksome”, just ask yourself, “Why?”

Now, when you answer yourself and there is no answer, or your reaction to your answer is, “like for real, realllyyyy?!?!?!?”

You don’t have a reason that matters for you to care, stop caring. To be honest, a lot of somethings, someones, everythings in life, in general do NOT matter. I had to realize that certain things that became “Irksome” to me did not matter. Had to think and realize that. Why did I let myself get irked? It was because I cared too much. Caring too much about things that don’t matter isn’t good. It is not good for my spirit. I am continuously in this push and pull of trying to stay balanced in life. When I started to not let simple things become “Irksome” anymore, I became more balanced. It helps to not care about frivolous somethings, someones, everythings… in life, in general.

We seem to let the simplest things in life matter. They don’t matter, they didn’t matter yesterday, don’t today, and still won’t tomorrow. So let that something, someone, everything that is “Irksome” to your nerves, disappear.

Have a peaceful day, week, month, year, life.



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