A Decent Christmas & A Hopeful New Year

For the last few years Christmas just hasn’t felt much like Christmas to me. But this Christmas that just happened wasn’t half bad. I actually had a pretty decent day. There were lots of laughs and I got a sugar high. When I eat a lot of sugar, I laugh a lot.

Maybe this year was better because for the first time I was able to buy my loved ones gifts with my own money. I wanted to buy gifts. I was able to give and it felt good. Since Christmas is supposedly about giving, right ?

I shared a day with family like I do every year, but this year it felt better. Last year I was really sad around this time, with just a small spark. That spark existed because I met someone maybe a week before Christmas, and for some reason that person gave me a little bit of happiness and hope.

Throughout the year of 2016 that person has helped me out immensely. I greatly appreciate that person. If they hadn’t came into my life, I wouldn’t have had the courage to make the decision to not go back to college. I would not have started my YouTube channel when I did, or kept making post to this blog.

I now have the courage, strength, and positive energy to do and start the ideas that I have. Soon I will be quiting my job, taking a break, and starting fresh. Within the renewal that I plan to have, I want to become more organized. Becoming more organized will help me to make more YouTube videos, keep up with this blog more, and start promoting myself and networking with other YouTubers and bloggers. Also, I plan to start working on my own business. I expect to be successful with my happiness in life. I plan to stay positive, and I plan to continue to love.

I appreciate you for reading my thoughts.

I hope you are having a happy and blessed holiday.



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