Procrastination is Fear

I came to visit my godmother, and to simply get away. I quit my job, and decided I needed to kind of just clear my mind. Now I’ve been here for about a week. I haven’t done anything productive. I haven’t recorded anything suitable to edit. Started several post to put on here and just stopped.

I did do one thing though, I deleted my Instagram. It was needed. Making another one isn’t hard. When I think it’s beneficial for me to have an Instagram, I will. But as for now it doesn’t make sense. Deleting it has been on my mind for a while. I procrastinated on that, but I finally did it.

Procrastination is fear. It’s constantly me blocking myself. Being fearful of life and not finishing, or doing things that I start because I don’t believe it will be great, or I don’t believe that other people will like. My fear comes in the form of procrastination. And I have to continue to push through it.

So my plan for this fear is to do something everyday that I have been procrastinating on. The other day it was deleting my Instagram, today it’s writing this post. Maybe later I will draw, or finally record something for my Youtube channel. Can you believe that I’ve been procrastinating about drawing? Anything that I am creating, I always have slight doubts. I don’t think having doubts are bad, but for me it’s crippling to my creativity. Those doubts turn into procrastination, and that’s nothing but fear of not doing well enough. And honestly I need to just do, and if I don’t like it or succeed, I need to just redo.

I appreciate you for reading.





5 thoughts on “Procrastination is Fear

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  1. I love you ,you will be great anything ,just do it. You will find your way ,do worry about what other think ,you have the most powerful God,to lead you .♡

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  2. I find that very often not doing something at a certain time and delaying, tend to bring on something even better. So you don’t need to feel scared or worried, if you don’t feel like or find you cannot do what you want at a certain time. There is a right time for everything. Patience is the best answer. Wait for that correct time. Love, Light and Healing Energies from me 🙂 ❤

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