I came to visit my godmother, and to simply get away. I quit my job, and decided I needed to kind of just clear my mind. Now I’ve been here for about a week. I haven’t done anything productive. I haven’t recorded anything suitable to edit. Started several post to put on here and just stopped.

I did do one thing though, I deleted my Instagram. It was needed. Making another one isn’t hard. When I think it’s beneficial for me to have an Instagram, I will. But as for now it doesn’t make sense. Deleting it has been on my mind for a while. I procrastinated on that, but I finally did it.

Procrastination is fear. It’s constantly me blocking myself. Being fearful of life and not finishing, or doing things that I start because I don’t believe it will be great, or I don’t believe that other people will like. My fear comes in the form of procrastination. And I have to continue to push through it.

So my plan for this fear is to do something everyday that I have been procrastinating on. The other day it was deleting my Instagram, today it’s writing this post. Maybe later I will draw, or finally record something for my Youtube channel. Can you believe that I’ve been procrastinating about drawing? Anything that I am creating, I always have slight doubts. I don’t think having doubts are bad, but for me it’s crippling to my creativity. Those doubts turn into procrastination, and that’s nothing but fear of not doing well enough. And honestly I need to just do, and if I don’t like it or succeed, I need to just redo.

I appreciate you for reading.