No Interview

Okay today I  finally had an interview with this accessory store. I had been calling for the last week trying to get an interview, and they finally called me last night. While I was getting ready today I realized I might not get there on time, so I called to let them know I would be late. After I got off the phone explaining I will be late, the hiring manager called to tell me if I didn’t get there for three my interview will be cancelled. I stilled continued to get ready and was thinking maybe they will still interview me if I’m not too late. I get there around 3:15, which was the time I told them I would probably get there by. So I inform one of the workers that I am there for an interview. She tells the hiring manager that I am there, and I sit down. The same lady comes up to me a few minutes later telling me that the hiring manager said she told me that my interview would be cancelled if I didn’t get there for three. I kind of didn’t like how the hiring manager sent that same lady to tell me that, because I kind of felt like the hiring manager should  have come to speak with me. And the way the lady relied the information made it seem like I was the only interview. So I then asked if there were any other interviews today, and she told me the other interviewee cancelled. After that I left and waited for my boyfriend to come pick me up. Honestly I was really sad because I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that there were no other interviews, and yet they couldn’t just interview me. When the hiring manager had called me back she should have just said interviews were cancelled. I was thinking I had to be there for three because there was another interview right after mine, but now I know there wasn’t. So there was no reason for them to not do my interview today. And now I am supposed to wait another two weeks for them to call for interviews.

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