via Daily Prompt: Edible

For a while, or a long time I have consumed.

Forever consuming and assuming it was okay.

Not realizing it was poison.

Poison in an edible form.

Believing it was healthy,

consuming semi blindly.

I saw it,

it looked alright,

harmless. (or so I thought)

Not realizing what it was doing.

I consumed just to be filled,

just to feel,

just to touch,

just to feel something.

Just thinking it was satisfying a hunger,

a temporary fill.

I didn’t know.

It was in my being,

I fed it to myself.

It came in an edible form though

How was I supposed to know.

I consumed it,

It consumed me.

After a while I did see.


I saw

Looked in it’s eyes

I saw it’s truth

which wasn’t

what I thought it was

whom I expected

why I consumed

Edible, it was not truly edible

please inspect everything thoroughly before you consume





Thanks for reading 🙂 ❤

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