via Daily Prompt: Edible

For a while, or a long time I have consumed.

Forever consuming and assuming it was okay.

Not realizing it was poison.

Poison in an edible form.

Believing it was healthy,

consuming semi blindly.

I saw it,

it looked alright,

harmless. (or so I thought)

Not realizing what it was doing.

I consumed just to be filled,

just to feel,

just to touch,

just to feel something.

Just thinking it was satisfying a hunger,

a temporary fill.

I didn’t know.

It was in my being,

I fed it to myself.

It came in an edible form though

How was I supposed to know.

I consumed it,

It consumed me.

After a while I did see.


I saw

Looked in it’s eyes

I saw it’s truth

which wasn’t

what I thought it was

whom I expected

why I consumed

Edible, it was not truly edible

please inspect everything thoroughly before you consume





Thanks for reading 🙂 ❤

Panicked Moments

via Daily Prompt: Panicked

Past tense of Panic.

I’ve done it,

A lot.

About a lot,

Over a  lot.

Panicked moments,

my seemingly short life

contains plenty

of those.

Why, what for?

Hearts beating fast,

Of fear?

Of nervousness?

Of anxiety?

All in this life we live.


the Panicked moments matter.


they don’t.

Sometimes overreactions.

Sometimes necessary.

Needed, not needed.

But I guess those moments matter,

In the grand scheme of our lives.

A few of the small details,

In our big pictures.





via Daily Prompt: Controversy

Jumbles the thoughts in my head.

Causes my heart to stir.

Forces my soul to seek.

Hmm sometimes makes me weak,

Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually.

Makes me wonder what’s the reason for all of it.

Is it because it is twenty-seventeen (2017)?

This year that started on a lean,

Leaning on hope, on faith, on love.

Maybe if there was more hope, faith, and love…

Maybe, just maybe there would be less of it.

“It” being, Controversy.

“It” being, disadvantages.

“It” being, negativity.

“It” being, misunderstandings.

“It” being, learned ignorance.



Thoughts, Plans, and Ideas

Always roaming in my head.


I seem to constantly think of new Thoughts, Plans, and Ideas.

It’s a great thing to have a mind that is always creating new material.

My life is seemingly never boring in my head.

Constantly having conversations with myself about my Thoughts, Plans, and Ideas.


Are forever being made.

I make list.

I  write down almost everything.

I record catching tunes, rhythms, and beats…

They seem to always pop up in my head.


I consider myself a creative.

No, I do not write with my left hand.

But I feel like I might use my left brain, more than my right.

Backwards… is the way I tend to do things.

Confused, jumbled, and mumbled is my norm.

Always ready to start something new,

When I haven’t even finished the last Thought, Plan, or Idea.

So, you can see why my Thoughts, Plans, and Ideas never come to existence.

But I am working on it.

Trying my best to co-exist with my mind.

To bring to life all that wants to be seen, heard, and felt.

At some point my Thoughts, Plans, and Ideas won’t be just for my enjoyment,

But for others as well.



Thanks for reading 🙂

An Ode to Grass

For some reason the smell of grass is calming to me.

The color of grass brings peace to my mind.

Walking on grass barefoot is soothing to my tired and swollen feet.

Can I possibly live in a place where grass is hard to find?

In the Summer time when grass sprouts up like weeds,

Needing to get cut every two weeks.

Oh, those cutting sessions that bring noise to displease.

But the aftermath that sends my nose into overdrive,

Now I am pleased.

Yes, my soul weeps in the Fall,

When all the green is going dull.

How my soul withers.

When the dull green grows brown in the Winter.

Underneath the green is waiting to appear,

The grass is eager to sprout here.

Around the corner are those cutting sessions,

that displeased and pleased my darling senses.

My soul fills with joy so pure,

Because Spring is coming,

And the showers are near.



I Wish for Peter Pan and Neverland

I wish for Peter Pan and Neverland.

Sometimes I wish I was Peter Pan,

Believing so hard and truly that I can stay a child forever that I did.

To live in Neverland and bring joy to innocent souls.

Live where the unthinkable, non-believable things…..thoughts, live.

It seems so wonderful….

It’s what I want,

But can’t have,

Because I live in reality where Neverland is just a thought, a thing in a story, imaginary.

I live where Peter Pan doesn’t exist,

Nor does Wendy or Tinkerbell exist here.

I wish to believe in fairies,

When I was young I would scream “I do believe in fairies, I do, I do”

Because I did….now it’s just an unthinkable thought.

Now sometimes I wish for Peter Pan and Neverland,

But I live where Peter Pan doesn’t exist and nor does Wendy or Tinkerbell.

I live in reality where Peter Pan and Neverland are truly just a wish,

Because magic just simply doesn’t exist.


-NotYourAverageGirl (Rhodesia)

*** A poem I wrote when I was a junior in high school.

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